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Der Zutritt zu unserer Webseite und unserem Shop ist Personen vorbehalten, die das gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Mindestalter von 18 Jahren erreicht haben.

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Quality raw material – we grow our own wheat


The most important base for producing a good fine-grain distillate is the quality and consistency of the raw material.

We grow our own wheat to ensure the best raw material quality each year. This is how we can influence the variety and fertilisation. Of course we also apply the most modern of technologies and tried and tested principles for crop rotation. The blue-yellow EU Quality seal for »protected geographic indication (PGI)«, for instance, on the Haselünne Korn confirms that not only bottling and distillation but also cultivation of the raw material takes place here by us in Haselünne.

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Barley-kilned-malt – sweetly scented - essential

To convert the wheat starch into sugar we have been using sweetly scented barley-kilned-malt for decades. That is germinated barley after it has been dried. We gladly do without the usual technically produced enzymes. Yeast converts the formed sugar into alcohol. The delicately sweet scent of malt can then be found in the aroma of our fine-grain-distillates and in the different Edelkorn and Korn variations.


Home-grown distillate – we distil for you

We achieve the high quality of our »Rosche Fine Distillates« by constructing our own distillation equipment and sticking to tried and tested distillation processes as well as by using our »good nose« and our sophisticated sense of taste.

We only use the core element of each distillation process to produce our spirits. Therefore our Korn is characterised by an especially mild flavour and the excellent bouquet of wheat. A maturing process in stainless steel or stoneware vessels rounds off the flavour. Maturing in wooden barrels, previously filled with wine or brandies, produces interesting and unique fine spirits based on Korn after several years of storage.


No additional purchase of industrially produced Korn alcohols

Only a few Korn spirit producers in Germany still have a functioning distillery for making their own raw and fine distillates. There is great emphasis on buying additional grain alcohol from a few large suppliers. Hardly anyone exclusively produces – like us – spirit beverages from their own self-distilled fine grain distillate. This guarantees that we have a special status for Korn in the market. We produce three of the five geographically protected brand names in Germany:

Haselünner Korn, Hasetaler Korn and Emsländer Edelkorn.

Select herb concentrates and fruit juices

The purity of our own grain distillates also benefits the production of our liqueurs and fruit spirits, of juniper brandy and other Korn specialities: this is because the rounded taste experience in each glass is a result of the balanced combination of the best herb and fruit extracts and the fine-grain distillate and, naturally, the best Haselünne water. The aroma of our Korn and its mildness superbly underscore the relevant fruit or herbal tones of the ingredients. We do not produce these ourselves, but procure the best quality from leading suppliers. Wisely, we do not spare any cost when buying, but invest in the best quality. A minimum quantity of 100 g sugar per litre of finished product is prescribed for liqueurs. Products labelled as spirit beverages are sweetened with less than 100 g sugar per litre of finished product or not at all.


Climate protection and conservation of resources


We have been living in and with our homeland for over 300 years. We want to preserve this homeland. The deposit system for reusable bottles and boxes has been a success for the environment near and far. Thank you for participating, avoiding waste and using resources sensibly.

Our energy recycling concept and numerous energy saving measures conserve the environment, for instance by insulating buildings, using geothermal heat, heat recovery systems and the constant vigilance of all involved. We produce our own power by means of a photovoltaic installation.


Regionalism – lived for more than 300 years

Since its foundation in 1703 as an agricultural merchandising enterprise and especially since 1792 with the start of the distillery and spirit production – the added value of our company increased time and time again due to satisfied customers in the region. Whether it was all kinds of mill products in former times, yeast or vinegar products or milk, pork or beef, fattened with the protein rich residuary products from the distillery, the stillage, our quality always found approval and enthusiasm. Our fine-grain distillery has become a solid component of the connoisseur culture in the Emsland, the Oldenburg Münsterland and beyond. Our origin is here and therefore we cultivate and enjoy the traditions of the region.


Social responsibilities far and wide

As a producer of extra fine distilled alcohol, which like many other things in daily life can bring much joy when consumed in moderation, we also recognise the dangers of addictive substances and drugs in situations of human and family strife, where any stimulant can cause the opposite effect. Our products are not suitable in pregnancy, in road traffic or for use by persons under 18 years. We recommend that any person in these situations avoids consumption of alcohol.

Of course we emphasise this as part of our "Original Haselünne Korn Academy", at other events or on bottle labels.

Our advertising emphasises the connoisseur aspect of our products. We refuse to increase our turnover by advertising discounts. Some projects we have funded are confidence building projects for vulnerable youngsters in our region, supporting street kids in Brazil or helping with education and water supplies in Uganda.


Family and staff – the basis of success

Our Edelkorn distillery has been in family hands since its foundation. To date, together with our colleagues and staff, we have been able to overcome difficult phases resulting from death, economic crises and ruinous price wars. We thank them and our ancestors for their bravery and great commitment. Everyone made and makes the quality of our products and achievements a personal challenge. We can be “quite proud” of their trade know-how, their dedication to service and competence and, last but not least, the good flavour of the products.

As an independent, local producer of our Edelkorn, schnapps and liqueurs we want to continue bringing pleasure to many people far and wide.

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