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Der Zutritt zu unserer Webseite und unserem Shop ist Personen vorbehalten, die das gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Mindestalter von 18 Jahren erreicht haben.

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We do not buy grain or neutral alcohol from third party industrial producers. Our Korn tastes of Korn and every fruit liqueur tastes fully of fruit such as cherry or blackcurrant. We prefer the guiding principle of »it is better to have % vol. of the best distillate in the bottle« than »to dilute the actual taste with more water«. We use refillable 0.7- and 1.0 l reusable glass bottles and boxes. This is just one of the measures we use to look after the environment. For special occasions we offer you special brandies and, of course, provide specific packaging for gift or speciality bottles. Our house has been open to you and has welcomed many visiting groups for decades. Our »Original Haselünne Korn Academy« wants to inspire you with our motto »Stimulating the senses – enjoying nature – living in harmony«. We meet more and more connoisseurs at regional and national trade fairs and events who tell us: »Once you have tasted Rosche, you always come back!«

If you are interested in finding out more, please call us or write to us. We also thank you in advance for a brief message should you have questions, wishes or suggestions.


We live in the oldest and one of the most beautiful towns in the Emsland. Haselünne had its city rights confirmed as far back as 1272 by the bishop of Münster. The town lies in a pretty meadow and river valley and is a former Hanseatic City. The biannual »18th Korn and Hanseatic Market« takes place on the second weekend of September 2016 and bears witness to the old tradition.

The first bearer of our family name Rosche was Henrik Tobias (1714-1786). His name was derived from »Reusch«, changed to »Roesche« and today’s »Rosche«. The family Reusch of Strohe was an old family of knights from Vechta with estates in Lingen and Haselünne. Henrik Tobias probably was a descendant of one of the family branches. As farmer and merchant he continued his parents’ mercantile trade in agricultural goods. His grandson, Henricus Anton, also became a tobacco merchant. In 1865, his son »Jos. Rosche« registered the grain distillery, which had been founded in 1792, commercially under his own name. We are fortunate that, together with our employees, we have been able to continue to run the company and oldest grain distillery in Haselünne as a family owned business up to today.

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2015 Climate protection with our new reusable bottle washer /td>
2014 New »Drive« in advertising: Football World Championship Final.

New reception hall for visitors – warehouse extension – renovation of the old buildings of 1849, 1913 and 1942

NEW: EU Quality Seal for guaranteed origin

2012 Timber framed new build and courtyard renovation – heat recovery
2010 ANITA - the new holder of the office of Germany's 1st Korn Queen
2007 Susanne Rosche becomes a partner in the company
2006 Exit from the Brandy monopoly
2003 Building the courtyard roof

ANGELIKA is elected as Germany's 1st Korn Queen

Renovation of the mashing and fermentation house


The 1st Rosche Korn Experience Tour

Foundation of the Bund deutscher Edelkorn-Brenner (BdEK) – Federation of German fine grain distillers

1998 New raw distillery plant and new copper fine-distillation still vessel
1995 Rebuild of the old boiler house to become a bottling station with storage cellar
1994 Build of grain silo II on open space – consistent introduction of deposit payments for reusable bottles and new reusable boxes
1992 200-year jubilee of the grain distillery
1991 Full coverage of demand by growing own wheat
1986 Josef Rosche – part of the company since 1983 – becomes a partner in the business
1975 Mechthild Schimmöller-Rosche joins the company
1967 Modernisation of the distillation plant and the stables for cattle
1943 The sons become partners in the company
1942 150- year jubilee
1917 The young widow with six sons continues the business
1903 For the first time: "Uralter" (vintage) Korn brandy is mentioned in the accounts
1898 The windmill burns down
1792 The grain distillery is founded
1703 Made public: 1703

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